70’s interiors – when too much shag pile was never enough…

Ah, the 70’s. A mishmash of bright colours, textures and too much of everything. It’s kitsch overload and I love it.

For example – shag pile carpet. On it’s own, is great. But in the 70’s it was cool to stick it EVERYWHERE! I never understood why people would want to cover their bathrooms in it, seems so unsanitary.

Here are a few truly delightful shockers.

Better Homes and Gardens, 1970. Source: creativepro.com

Source: mandysomething.tumblr.com/

Baby poo brown – perfect for your loo!

Source: plaidstallions.blogspot.com

So many choices!

Source: scenteddemented.com

No-one will notice when you vomit with sheer excitement on this shag pile! (They seem very happy)

Source: plaidstallions.blogspot.com

Who needs I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, this is just like going to sleep in the jungle! Amaze.

Better Homes and Gardens, 1970. Source: creativepro.com

A symphony of brown. And shag. Just be careful not to trip…

Source: house-crazy.com