Song Of The Day – Heart Of Glass by Blondie

Jan 4th, 2017 – Heart Of Glass by Blondie

When I was a kid I thought Agnetha Foltskog from ABBA and Debbie Harry from Blondie were just sooooooo cool and beautiful because they had blonde hair, blue eyeshadow and super shiny, lip glossed lips. At the time I didnt know about Debbie Harry’s punk background or the cast of legendary characters she hung out with at New York’s underground club CBGB’s (Bowie, Iggy, The Ramones, Warhol, Television, Patti & Mapplethorpe…). I just thought she was the coolest.

Heart Of Glass was released 38 years ago yesterday. It was a massive hit, and one of the Blondie songs most people can name off the top of their heads if asked at a pub trivia night. It also reflected the disco culture from New York’s infamously glamorous Studio 54 that was becoming increasingly mainstream. All I knew at the time, when I saw this video on Countdown, was that it was beyond cool. My love affair with Blondie had begun.

This is a great (and short!) doco about the making of Heart Of Glass: