Song Of The Day – New Year’s Day by U2

January 1st, 2017 – New Year’s Day by U2

I haven’t posted anything to my blog in ages – work and life kind of got in the way. So a simple way to keep it up is sharing a Song Of The Day each day, starting today, January 1st.

The songs i choose might be because they hold a special memory for that date, but more likely than not will just be because they’ve popped into my head for some totally random reason. My thoughts are very random!

Starting off with this classic, if cliché, song for the New Year. Early U2 stood out from their contemporaries and still sounds fresh. It was before the ‘Bono is a po-faced smug ranter’ thing took hold. I love their early stuff, and they’re the only band i ever slept out for tickets to see as a teen.

Happy New Year 😃x