Throwback Thursday – Sally Field’s neverending supply of cap-sleeved tees in Norma Rae

The 1979 Sally Field movie Norma Rae was on telly this afternoon. She won an Oscar for her performance as a cotton mill worker fighting for union rights. The standout thing for me when i was watching it today though (I’ve seen it many times, it’s a classic up there with Meryl Streep’s Silkwood) was Sally’s seeming neverending supply of deep-V and deep scooped cap-sleeved tees. I want them all!!

Here’s a selection…

Nice Farrah flicks!

BRB – hitting nearest op-shop on a vintage tee hunt. Thanks for the inspo, Sally! 😃


The Golden Years of Hollywood – Olivia DeHavilland

When I was a kid I used to love watching The Golden Years of Hollywood, hosted by Bill Collins, with my mum. Every Friday and Saturday night Bill would present a double feature of Hollywood classics, interspersed with nuggets of trivia like “pay attention to the lounge chair used in the scene where Tyrone Power does such-and-such because it was from his own home!”. Oh, Bill.

Apart from loving the stories and drama (or comedy), and the swoony manly handsomeness of the lead actors, I adored looking at the leading ladies’ costumes, hair and makeup. Always so perfectly styled, the dresses so swishy! To me they were the epitome of glamour.

One actress who featured often was Olivia DeHavilland (sister of fellow screen siren Joan Fontaine). Olivia turned 99 yesterday. Happy birthday to a real living legend!